Your final grade for this course will be a function of your performance on individual projects and team projects, class participation and case study write-ups and/or workshop deliverables, and a final assignment in the form of a five-page (plus appendices) venture pitch.

The write-up deliverable will be turned in at the start of class, workshop deliverables will be completed and submitted during class, while venture pitch will be submitted via Collab. Appropriately, the Gradebook section of the Collab site for the course will list each assignment as well as the due date and time. The specific question or topic for each of the write-up and/or workshop deliverables will be found in the class calendar or distributed during class time.f

Follow these links for more information regarding the course’s policies for Grading (including the grading scale, late work, etc.), Mobile Devices, and the Fine Print.

 Quizzes ( 2 Quizzes total = 20 points)

There will be 2 quizzes given over the course of the semester. Each quiz will be worth 10 points and have 10 questions each. The quizzes will cover concepts from the assigned readings/viewing and class discussion. The quiz will be given via Collab and the topics covered by the quiz will be announced in advance. You will have 7 days to complete each quiz.

Case Write-Up, Workshop Deliverables, and class participation – 50 points

For case discussions, you will complete a one-page write-up prior to class. You will then submit that write-up on Airtable before class starts. For these write-ups, please use size 11 Arial or Helvetica as the font, 1.5 as the line space, and one-inch all around as the margins.

Throughout the semester we will work through a series of in-class  workshops. During each of these sessions you will complete and submit a deliverable (some on paper and some on Airtable).

Frankly speaking, persistence—sometimes in the form of just getting done what needs to be done—is known to be a key component of a founder’s career. And so, just getting done what needs to be done, in the form of these deliverables, plays a key role in your total grade for this course.

In the case of matters of health, or other understandably important reasons for not being able to submit a case write-up or attend a workshop, simply email Professor Etienne and or Professor Ransler so we can figure out the most appropriate solution for your completion of the assignment.

Case Write-Up . Each case write-up deliverable will be worth 2 point.

For case write-ups, you can only earn full points if the write-up is not only well-written (i.e., structure spelling, grammar, etc.), but also it is clear from the response that you have read, are familiar with, and have contemplated the case and the question(s). Poorly-written write-ups, or those responses that do not suggest you have read, are familiar with, and have contemplated the case, will earn a score of 1. By and large, completing all aspects of the deliverables will warrant a score of 2 points. You will earn a score of zero (0) if you do not submit a write-up or deliverable.

Workshop Deliverable Scoring. The maximum possible points for each workshop is provided in the class schedule.

For each workshop you can only earn full points for completing all of the activities and actively engaging in discussion (in class or online) around the activity. Just completing the workshop activity will earn you 90% of available points. Present in class and not completing the workshop activity will earn you 50% of available points and zero (0) if you don’t participate in the workshop activity.

Final Project (Project 2) Pitch (25 points)

Your final assignment in this class will be a venture pitch, limited to five-pages of written text with up to five pages of appendix materials (with an additional page(s) for references). This assignment is due, submitted to Collab, by May 4 2020 at 5:00PM EST. Only one member of each team needs to submit the assignment within Collab.

To complete this assignment, you should form a group of five students (i.e., four students plus yourself), and utilize digital startup tool kits to tackle local (Charlottesville/UVA) issues with global implications.

As groups, you will work together to produce a five-page pitch that argues for how much you would like invested (or how much grant funding you would require) for your startup and why is that investment (or grant funding) required.

To construct this argument, you will work your way through nearly all of the ingredients of a venture pitch, each of these ingredients having been a part of a class discussion, write-up, or workshop during the semester. In fact, these ingredients were all part of one of the earliest discussions we had in the course: Anatomy of a Startup Pitch.

There is both a Grading Rubric for the assignment as well as a suggested Pitch Guide for constructing your pitch, and each of these files can be found in the listing for this Final Assignment within the Assignments section of Collab. This Rubric and Guide should be quite clear in terms of the required ingredients of the pitch. You are not obligated to order your pitch as the various parts are ordered in this guide — other than including the Intro at the beginning of the pitch.

As far as the formatting requirements for the final :

  1. 1.5 spacing;
  2. Helvetia or Aria font, 11-point;
  3. one-inch margins, top, bottom, left, and right;
  4. no greater than five pages of text;
  5. plus, no greater than five pages of appendix material (which not simply be additional pages of text);
  6. Footnotes or Reference page for citations;
  7. Reference page does not count in the page count for the Appendix.

Final Project Peer Evaluation (5 points) – Each team member will have the opportunity to evaluate the members performance on a scale of 1 – 5 points. The average of the scoring for each person will be assigned as their peer evaluation score.